Thursday, August 21, 2014

Short and Sweet

For a SHORT time (August 21-August 28), you can get a SWEET deal on Stampin' Up! product! How? Just order the starter kit for $99 and choose $150 in merchandise!

In addition to the SWEET deal above, you will receive the following benefits:
  • 30% off your first order of $150 or more, after purchasing your kit.
  • 20% discount on any future order as long as you remain active.
  • FREE catalogs and sneak peeks with opportunities to order in advance.
  • The opportunity to earn money by sharing your passion for paper crafting.
  • All of this - and more - is yours until January 31, 2015. Want your benefits to continue? That's easy... just place a $300 order before the end of January. Very easy!
There's no risk, and no obligation to place orders, hold workshops or other events. And if you don't want to place an order, you don't have to. There's no committment whatsoever!

When you order your kit, you will receive an invitation to join our exclusive Facebook group page for the Gettin' Fancy with Ink and Paper team!

If you have any questions, then email me (

Ready to order your kit? Then click JOIN NOW.

Oh, did I forget to mention you can order from the upcoming holiday catalog? Yes, you can order all $150 worth of product from the new catalog - everyone else has to wait until August 28. That means you get your hands on more fun stuff before your friends!

Happy shopping!

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