Sunday, August 20, 2017

My Creative Counterpart

Since I've been posting all of my creations, I thought you'd want to see what my friend Jennifer came up with! She used the Ribbon of Courage stamp set. Check out these beauties!!

The story of the card above is a sweet one... it was created for Jennifer's friend's son who was battling Leukemia and had a love for Lego. This story touched my heart, as my dad died from Multiple Myeloma (a form of Leukemia) when I was 15.

The Ribbon of Courage set is so versatile, but to me, this is the quintessential card for this set... whose life hasn't been touched by breast cancer? I think this card is simple, but meaningful (my favorite element on this card is the white ribbons in the background... I never would have thought to do that... very clever, Jennifer!).

I LOVE this card! It makes me want to reach out to someone I've been thinking of, but haven't been in touch with for a while. I'm going to CASE (copy and share everything) it and send it out this week. Who doesn't need a little bit of love and hugs sent their way?

I hope you've enjoyed seeing the cards Jennifer and I have created with our challenge. Tune in next week for more fun creations using two new sets! Oh, and by the way... we still need a name for our little challenge. Hint, hint...


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