Wednesday, October 4, 2017

A Lesson From my Childhood

I'm old. Okay, maybe not old, but I do remember when cassettes replaced 8-tracks and the days long before Spotify. I also remember - even way back then - the emphasis put on the environment and the need for recycling. Earth Day was still new, which began five years before I started school, and there was a call to reduce, reuse, and recycle. We collected aluminum cans and newspapers, and we were rewarded with classroom parties for those who collected and recycled the most. As a child of the 70s, my focus was limited, but today,  I'm the one sifting through my family's trash, making sure no items are carelessly tossed when they should have made their way to the big blue bin.

Hubby and I do quite a bit of shipping and receiving in our business, so we try to save boxes and use them to ship orders to our customers. Not pretty, but it makes me feel better knowing these containers have a longer life than just a one-time use. The same can be said for the bubble wrap. But knowing I couldn't use all that I had collected, I remembered my friend Maria makes cookies and ships them to people, not only across the country, but overseas as well.

Sure Maria creates fun cookies for birthday parties, baby showers, and weddings, but she also receives orders from those who have loved ones serving in the United States military, and often her cookies are shipped to deployed service men and women. Much TLC goes into the baking, decorating, and packing to ensure safe arrival.

Did I mention Maria sometimes donates her cookies to those who are deployed far from home? As a momma of three Marines, Maria wants those who are unable to be with their loved ones, feel (and taste) as much of home as possible.

Aren't they adorable? She's even made cookies for me on occasion... most recently for my crafting retreat in June which had a "summer fun" theme.

Thank you, Maria, for helping the environment by reducing, reusing, and recycling. And thank you for being a Marine momma... helping to take good care of our troops - one cookie at a time.

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